Thursday, June 14, 2018


 Arguments About

I think matariki
shouldn't be a public holiday
because people
don't celebrate it
 sometimes people
only celebrate to
stay at home and
be lazy and
because Kids
don’t go to School
and people don't
go to work.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Mercury is the smallest planet in
our solar system it takes less days
than the other planets to orbit the sun
it  takes 88 days to orbit the sun that
is least days then the earth mercury
is a ball of iron it's core is made
of    molten it's the closest planet to it
is so hot but in the shade of the
planet is too cold people wouldn't
be able to be surviving on Mercury
because of the High temperature of
the sun .


Venus is the hottest
planet in the solar system
it has  clouds of acid it is
the hottest planet in our
solar system people thought
Mercury  was the hottest
planet in our solar system
because it was closest to
the sun.


Earth is the only planet with living things. it is called Goldilocks Planet it’s The only planet in our solar system with  life and oxygen Rivers lakes waterfalls valleys mountains and volcanoes it has ocean and land.

Friday, May 4, 2018

the sun

the sun is 1 million years old it is very big and Powerful with gravity it has the power to hold eight planets well still being in the same spot if there was no sun we would all be Floating away like the sun  if it was here it is would be floating every but if it was too big we would be stuck to the ground and it was too small will be floating away like if there was no sun the sun has 6 layers The corona The chromospher The   photosphere The conductive zone Radiative zone and the coer the six layers are in the sun and outside the sun.

Friday, November 10, 2017


kiwis are Birds that can not fly. Most of them live in New Zealand. Some kiwis live in the rainforest. They are one of the first birds to be known.

Kiwis are endangered birds. They are on a one dollar coin.